Separate forum for Drone 2.0?

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Separate forum for Drone 2.0?

Post by BASE Drone » 17 May 2012, 17:00

Now that the 2.0 is "mostly" out, what do you think about having a separate "AR Drone 2.0" forum?

Or are they similar enough to not warrant separation? I'm a newbie, waiting 1-2 more days for my 2.0 to get here.

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Re: Separate forum for Drone 2.0?

Post by groan » 18 May 2012, 15:42

I'm not going to say that i think it is necessary but also being new to this forum and to the AR drone 2.0 it would be great to be able to tell if certian mods or accessories that people talk about are specific to the 2.0.

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