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What you need to achieve smoth video quality with a Sumo.

Parrot's new driving and jumping mini drones Jumping Sumo, Jumping Night and Jumping Race Drone.

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What you need to achieve smoth video quality with a Sumo.

Post by imaddbrad » 14 Oct 2015, 21:39

I love to take my Jumping Sumo to the mall, supermarket anywhere there are girls to pick up. This thing works about as well as walking a puppy when it comes to meeting girls! The one problem I had was that the video recording stalled and it was dropping frames or repeating the same frame ten to 15 times in a row. I tested every type of stick and cable an the only way to get clear and glitch free video was the a micro adapter that allowed you to slip in a high speed micro sd card. The speed has to be at least 40/mbs. If you can get 80/mbs then get it! Now I have not found an adapter that still allows you to flip the Sumo and stay in balance. I have tried many Micro USB to Micro SD adapters. Some had cables lengths
some were tiny adapters.
. The micro sd slips into the usb side!. So far this is the best I have found. Im looking for the perfect one and when I find it. I will let you know!
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