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Height Above Ground Bebop2

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Height Above Ground Bebop2

Post by hogshawrabbit » 27 Oct 2018, 15:06

Here's an interesting observation I made while adding telemetry to one of my videos, 'height above ground' and to my amasement it actually seemed to be correct. I flew a GPS waypoint flight and as always I do some pre flight research as to the elevation on my route path.
The altitude changed about 20m during the flight so I added 30m to the height and flew at 80m.
Well as it flew over higher ground the height above ground went less on the telemetry !
So why Parrot don't offer us the ability with a GPS Waypoint flight to fly at a specific height above ground allowing us to fly over 121m above the launch altitude. There's some significant elevation changes near me and not too far away say 1km with a 80m change. So at the moment if I want to fly to this location its not possible safely as if I set off at 100m I will be only 20m above the ground at the destination which is a little too low and even worse if the calculations are a little off.
So a height above ground feature would be excellent imo.

Any thoughts ?


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