Bebop 1 with Bebop 2 frame, new nose and larger props.

Mods for Bebop, Bebop 2 and even the Skycontroller.
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Bebop 1 with Bebop 2 frame, new nose and larger props.

Post by Apolonio » 14 Jul 2018, 06:34

Had a hunch switching to a Bebop2 frame for my bebop 1 may make a difference, and a stock bebop 1 can't use the larger 6" Bebop2 props, unless you gut the nose and even then the larger propellers somehow scrap against the battery or motherboard at certain angles and this could be dangerous during a long flight.

So I replaced the stock bebop 1 frame with a Bebop2 frame, And again tried going with bebop 2 propellers but they're too big and create motor stall during takeoff. Bebop 1 motors are not really designed to use larger props, so i settled with 5.5" inch props after experimenting with larger sizes. These are trimmed down 6" bebop 2 props.

Stock bebop 1 props are 5" inches, bebop 2 are a 6" prop. I settled with a 5.5" inch prop, This extra .5" (1/2) inch added 10% thrust output over the stock 5" prop. Plus, weight isn't that much extra. Before the mod, total weight of my stock bebop 1 was 13.76 ounces, with the larger Bebop2 frame and extra length props total weight is 13.89 ounces.

My flight time has increased by a minute, and can fly at greater speeds over the stock bebop 1. The extra 10% output thrust is noticeable, fly just as fast as a Bebop 2 now if I want and I feel under right conditions it'll pull ahead of Bebop2. Also, The extra thrust up in the air helps prolong the flight, motors are using less engery once up in the air with the added 10% thrust. But during Take off the extra length props add stress, not much but it's there. Once airborne, the extra 10% thrust output kicks in and she's sailing nothing holding her back.

Flys so smooth, almost like flying a gutted bebop 2 minus the extra flight time. Will post pictures, no drilling involved, luckly the damping shafts with rubber suspensions were able to be fastened in. Replaced the nose with a Bebop 2 nose, had to extend the mounting arms and it fits in nicely. Also added red decals to the bebop 1 batteries to match the red nose, went with Bebop 2 feet and Bebop 2 antennas.

Thanks for looking,
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Re: Bebop 1 with Bebop 2 frame, new nose and larger props.

Post by waterlanding » 14 Oct 2018, 20:49

Well done!

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