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Battery Hack

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Battery Hack

Post by kokorodrone » 07 Jan 2021, 03:56

Ok, this is my first post here so I hope I don't make a complete fool of myself. :-)

I received a Bebop drone from a relative who virtually never flew the thing. It came with the Skycontroller and three batteries...one of which was dead. I managed to trickle charge two of the batteries back to life but the other one (the third one) was truly dead. Opened it up and sure enough, there was evidence of cell leakage. For fun I decided to try and make my own battery. There isn't much at stake here so I admit to not being all that cautious. Also, by the way, the drone flies fine with the Skycontroller and two functional batteries. I can get about 8 to 10 minutes of flight time from the drone.

Ok, here is what I did:

1. Tear down the old battery and disposed of the three flat cells that were in the pack.
2. Purchased some 18650 cells (3600 mAh)
3. Purchased some battery holders
4. Soldered three of the battery holders together with thicker wires (forgot the gauge)
4. Soldered my new makeshift battery pack to the connector from the old dead battery pack so I can connect it to the drone.
5. I have a battery that puts out the voltage I need (11.1 V) and has significantly more capacity than the original

My problem is: I managed to start the drone, get it to create the network I need to connect to with my Skycontroller. Everything works! Yeah! Not so fast....because I removed all the circuits from the dead battery (they were corroded and I assumed not savable), the battery is not communicating with the drone and providing any remaining charge information. As such, the drone thinks the battery is empty and displays 0% charge in the Skycontroller. And, of course, this means it won't allow me to take off.

So now I'm trying to learn how to connect a circuit that will communicate with my drone and provide the necessary information so I can take it for a test flight. The new pack, by the way, is 61 grams heavier than the original and a slightly different shape...so I'm unsure of how the drone will perform but keen to continue with my experiment.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Kokorodrone (from Japan)

Here's a shot of my custom battery pack. I will, of course, finish it off and possibly even cover it (partially) with the original battery pack cover, when I get everything working correctly...or maybe I should say "if" instead of "when". ;-)

P.S. The green ribbon is to make it easier to remove the 18650 cells from the very tight holder. I'll clean it all up later if I ever get it to fly. ;-)
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