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Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 21:23
by CptKirk

I bought an Ultra compact MiruMod XR-4Drone v2 Mirumod board from XR-4Drone. ... -XR4-2.htm

I followed the manual and have the drone flying with a DX6i Spektrum.
It bound, installed and works well on my power edition Ar 2.0

The board is supposed to update using sketches to modify flight and video recording by using the configurator parameters found here.

I've followed all instructions but cannot upload a sketch to the board. The vendor posted a video showing the update procedure here.

I get a port busy error or controller not responding failure depending on what board I select in the Arduino programming software found here. Using laptop with Windows 7. Have also tried older versions of the Arduino editor.

I can view the controller parameters in setup mode using hyperterminal which means the port is open and working but not functioning for sketch upload.

I've attached some screenshots of a failed upload attempt. If you have any idea what may be going wrong please feel free to share your wisdom.

The mod works fine including fail safe. The drone flys in all 4 modes and is a great improvement over Android control.

Thanks and cheers all.

Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Posted: 27 Nov 2017, 22:55
by CptKirk

Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 16:31
by CptKirk
Problem solved
I uninstalled the FTDI drivers.
Windows then returned and unknown device
Pointed unknown device driver update to the drivers file (not ftdi drivers file) in the Arduino 1.0.5r2 extracted folder
Driver updated
Ran Arduino 1.0.5r2
The board now uploads as it should.

Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Posted: 06 May 2018, 14:47
by dentex
Hello everyone,
I'm probably some years late at this game (...the mod), but recently I had an ar.drone 2.0 almost for free. I got tired instantly of the junky wi-fi connection, when I found info about this mod. All considered, it seems a cheap way to get into the RC/drone world. I have no problem getting my hands dirty with soldering, programming and similar stuff (I have a bit of experience on both). What I wanted to ask, instead, was an advice on the transmitter/receiver side of this matter.

These pieces of equipment should be good to use; what do you think? ... rsion.html ... -sbus.html

From what I read/watched recently, they are good entry level TX/RX, probably useful also for further development in the hobby (if, i.e., I will be moving forward to some other FPV drones and similar more advanced stuff compared to the ar.drone 2.0.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Posted: 14 May 2018, 00:58
by oldjarhead46
I bought a Mirumod setup. I just now had time to try to install.I have the wrong model. I need the 6 pin model.
Is it possible to exchange it?

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