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Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 22:43
by Eon46

I've been flying toys for only a few weeks and got my first BeBop 2 one week ago. Everything is so cool :) :)

I'm having a BB2 with SkyController 1 with a 2,4 Ghz SkyBoost. I'm only aiming to make from 250m up to ~600m (800 to 2000 ft) range safely. Now I've got SkyBoost on the controller (hope it has some impact), I'm looking for clover leaf antennas for the done itself.

Couldn't find yet some clover leaf antenna described as fitting onto BB2, neither post or pictures about such antenna mounted on a BB2 anywhere :(

I'm most wondering how I'm going to set them. Antennas pointed toward the bottom would be best I assume, but the main frame of BeBop 2 is only 2 ~ 3 cm above ground.

If anyone could recommend appropriate antenna, that would be super cool already :) . I've seen many posts dealing with onboard wifi router. Is this required for such a simple project as mine?


Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 17 Dec 2016, 07:33
by gonzales
I did`t done my project yet but: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

for antenna look here:

bi-directional 2.4 ghz booster: ... 41b562fa55

power for the booster : ... EBIDX%3AIT

You need your imagination where to put them on the drone and how.
May be some small metal box(for heat dissipation ).
From where to get 12 V for the UBEC.
Booster should be connected to J6 on BB2 motherboard(antenna 1).That is RF chain 1.Then telnet to drone and disable chain 2:

Code: Select all

bcmwl rxchain 1
bcmwl txchain 1
In theory thaht should be enough :lol: :lol: :lol:

How SC booster performed?
Can you post some picture on it.

P.S I bought those antennas but they are far too big : ... EBIDX%3AIT

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 17 Dec 2016, 13:15
by Eon46
I had only briefly tested booster yesterday. Went up to 250m, two signal leds up. The thing is : I'm mostly freaking out about dooming my drone when testing flying far. I know it would auto-RTH, but I wouldn't risk it to tree itself on it's way home.

Once I lost contact (before SkyBoost). I pressed RTH. It performed its RTH. Don't know if this was from my button press or automatic behaviour, but what happened is that my SC1 Black Edition hadn't reconnected to the drone instantly. It reconnected to it something like 20 seconds only after the drone reached me, and hovering 2m away from me. Hadn't reconnect on its own, it had when I pressed connect on the FF Pro.

What I'm going to do right now once I've posted this is safely test it by : leaving the drone switched on, on my field, and walking myself uphill, and attempt to hovering it on my ward from distance :) - will tell you how far I've been later

Meanwhile, I've found those clover leaf antennas yesterday that look small enough, but out of stock : ... pv-antenna but can't tell whether the connectors for those fit into the BeBop2 antenna cable.

Imagination-wise, I was thinking about unscrewing the existing feet of the BB2 and 3D-print new ones, with same drilling holes and a bit taller legs, but I don't have knowledge to make such 3D-design.

However,I've bumped onto that quite complete video about upgrading both battery and wifi on a BB2 from solaris8x86 :
Direct link: . Wonder if this guy is on the forum!

I didn't get the weather-proof router part. Does the guy put a router onto the drone? Is this to pilot the drone only from the phone w/o any SkyController?

I don't have any garage hardware, not even a soldering iron. I was wondering if it would be safe to offer this guy to ship him my drone so I'd do that for me for $$$. Would be faster more money-efficient for me than getting or borrowing all the stuff.

Nevertheless, here is the pictures of the SkyBooster your requested - hope they show up what you were looking for




Just followed their guide to set it up. Everything involved in the guide is provided in the package (booster, two antenna cables, the "12V" labelled power supplyer, velcro, usb cable, even 2 pairs of 3M velcro stickers (so both booster and power supplier hold on the SC1)

Thanks for you reply - much appreciated :)

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 17 Dec 2016, 14:00
by gonzales
I think soararis would not help you.
He is very skillful craftsman and obviously good in Linux.
For some weird reason he hate Parrot and not willing to share his knowledge.
He named his campaign against Parrot - Parrot Punishment Program. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Regarding router. Router is like SC . Extend the range and stays on the ground.
For drone , you need booster and antenna , either 2.4 ghz or 5.2 ghz.
Antenna that you found are too big.On picture they look small but believe me , they are huge.
And connectors would not fit in bebop.
The antennas of bebop are in the front 2 feets

Thanks for your pictures.Do you made some range test with the booster.
To be on safe side, before every flight wait for GPS lock.

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 18 Dec 2016, 01:14
by Eon46
You asked for this, this is it : range booster test results!

This is the kml for you to see the route on Google Earth : ... -56-22.kml

So the test environment wasn't ideal : it's a valley that turns, so the drone went out of sight (yes, I know it shouldn't happen). So while it followed its Flight Plan, it went away from me by 600m before SkyConnect lost contact.

This is the video of that flight :

Direct link:

I've done another test same day : left BB2 on my field, drove uphill from 700m from my place with direct LoS and only there turned SkyController on : it could connect to the drone with video feedback, take off, control and fly it to me up the hill.

Ideally I've would have run several tests without then with the Skybooster on the same scene to have actually comparable results. However, having once lost contact with the drone (elsewhere, before getting the SkyBoost) within 400m with LoS barely obstructed brings me to think there is indeed a noticeable improve with the SkyBoost, by ~50% I'd say. Will tell you if I'll be able to keep link beyond 700m later on.

So Soararis wouldn't help. Well, time to start learn soldering and DIY myself I suppose. So I've went through the 3 links you posted.
So all 3 of those would be for the drone itself?

The amp module should :
receive the wire that goes from BB2 Motherboard to the antennas in the legs on the "RF IN" pin
the custom blade antenna from the video goes to the "ANT" pin
VCC5V and GND (pins 5 and 13) receives power from this


What are the LED1, LED2 and SW pins for?
If LED1 and LED2 actually powers some LED, where their ground are?

Regarding power booster,
Where do you solder the connector-less cables to?

Does the antenna cables and antenna connector of the BB2 as is have a type or name? So I'll be sure the short cables that will go to my home-made antenna would fit the existing connector. Thanks

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 03:26
by solaris8x86
gonzales wrote:I think soararis would not help you.
He is very skillful craftsman and obviously good in Linux.
For some weird reason he hate Parrot and not willing to share his knowledge.
He named his campaign against Parrot - Parrot Punishment Program. :lol: :lol: :lol:

....... :? 8-)

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 18:54
by Eon46
Whoa, what an unexpected appearance!

While you are there, please let me try to get your opinion once more!

To get 2,4 Ghz cloverleaf antenna beneath my BeBop 2, team-blacksheep suggested me these : ... uebeam_2g4 . Let's say they would fit by customising the BB2 feets,

It's described as one TX and one RX. Does it means I'll need to fit them both beneath the BB2, or an onboard antenna must be an TX and RX same time (how would you call an antenna that's both a TX and a RX?)


Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 09 Jan 2017, 12:21
by gonzales
I think Solaris told you already in his youtube channel.
Do not use 2.4 Ghz , use 5.8 Ghz.

The size of antenna is halved.

Re: Cloverleaf antennas for BeBop 2

Posted: 08 Mar 2019, 17:16
by leholtet
Regarding the Skybooster on the Skycontroller 1 Black Edition.

Why did you use the 2.4 ghz, and not the 5.8 ghz? Or why not buy both? :) Looking at doing the same.