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Sell or Trade Conditions

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Sell or Trade Conditions

Post by Symon » 23 Feb 2011, 23:18

As of 23rd of February 2011 there will be be conditions to selling and trading on ARDrone-Flyers.com

ARDrone-Flyers.com takes NO RESPONSIBILITY over posts in this forum. Although we do offer moderation, it is not a guaranteed safe guard and we will NOT accept liability for loss of any kind in any situation.

Hard Rules
* No Trading.
* Any goods sold utilising Paypal as a payment method are not allowed to request payment via 'Paypal Gift'
* Any goods advertised over £30/$50 must have a photo of the actual item at the time of posting, with your forum name & date displayed in the picture. This has to be in the form of an attached image, not an external link.

Soft Rules
* Don’t reply to sales or trades you have no intention participating in.
* If you don't put a price on for the goods you want to sell, they will be deleted without warning.
* Give each seller at least 10 days to send goods and 4 days to reply to an email after this initial 10 days period before flaming them. *NOTE to sellers, 14 days is more than enough for anyone, up to you to sort your stuff out before this, all instances of flaming will remain in all cases, resolved or not. Bad cases will be made sticky. International sales do take longer depending on service being used, so get a tracking number.


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