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Heavy lift drone "Valkyrie Heavy Pro"

Posted: 15 May 2019, 16:55
by DroneLover3000
Cargo drone Valkyrie.
Unmanned aerial vehicle.
Portable cargo up to 30 kg at a distance of 3 km (15 kg / 10 km; 10 kg / 20 km).
Net weight: 7.6 kg.
Battery capacity and battery type: 44000 mAh, 22 V, 25 C.
T-Motors motors (32.10).
Automatic reset system: 35 lbs. Servo.
For more information about the functionality of the drone, you can look at the seller's website.
I bought it for 8000 dollars, used it in agriculture, I was pleased. I sell at a price of 6500 dollars. I will ship to anywhere in the world via DHL cash on delivery. (two parcels). All certificates + warranty (6 months) provide.