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Other discussion of non-Parrot drones. 3drobotics, DJI, Team Black Sheep, QAV250, DIY drones... etc.
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Post by djidrones » 23 Aug 2021, 14:08

Hello everyone

Here is a summary of an important situation regarding the horrible performance of DJi's After Sales support that I think is good for you to know about.

Over 3 weeks ago I contacted DJI support to unlink my drones from my old account to link them to my new one. I requested this because I cannot access my old DJi account or my email account to reset the password. This change is necessary for the DJI Care service to function properly, specifically the flyaway option.

After many emails and chats, the problem was escalated to "Escalation and Complaint Department", almost 4 weeks later they have not been able to fix the problem. They have asked me for a lot of information and evidence such as invoices of the drones, screenshots of the applications, personal data, etc ... during these more than 3 weeks they have made me lose many hours both in the chat and answering emails, but worst of all is that they have treated me as a liar and idiot and have tried to deceive me several times saying that the problem was solved when it really was not.

The truth is that I am outraged, deceived and very very dissatisfied with DJI and I think it is good that the community of droners know how bad DJi's technical service works and that potential new customers have this information before buying any of their drones.

I also know of a case in which DJi indicates that it has solved the problem of a drone and when it reaches the customer is still working as bad, even an acquaintance was charged for the repair and sent the drone as when I send it, it takes weeks trying to get back the payment made, the truth is that it is the worst technical service I've ever seen. Everything seems very nice when you buy one of their drones but if you have a problem with it is when you see the reality of DJi....

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