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Is this possible?

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Is this possible?

Post by mar96 » 23 Jan 2017, 03:07

Hello. I'm new on here and fairly new to the hobby of RC. I find RC aircraft a really fascinating hobby that I really enjoy. I don't have a drone yet, but I'm posting on this forum because this pretty much goes kind of into the mechanics of building a drone aircraft. As an RC airplane enthusiast, I was pondering the idea of somehow integrating drone technology with FPV ability into an rc jet(Skymaster f5/t38 to be exact 8-) ). I want to have an rc turbine jet and basically convert it into a UAV. I've read around that the main problem with this would be flight time and range. I chose the t38/f5 models because of their sleek aerodynamics, which could make it faster on low power and go longer range than say, an f18, because of less drag. I was also reading somewhere on the forum where a user mentioned having infinite range by putting a dish onto his house. I think the thread was about a drone that connects to it's receiver via wifi. I'm not yet that knowledged with the electronics of rc aircraft so unfortunately, I didn't understand how they were explaining it. I would put a link here but I accidently closed my tab at the time so I lost that page. How can I possibly make this work? Is this possible?

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