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Oops. Prevailing winds a bit lower and stronger than thought

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Oops. Prevailing winds a bit lower and stronger than thought

Post by Railgun » 14 Jan 2016, 13:13

Well, not much longer than just a year since I've had my drone, modified and all, it caught some wind and off it went.

Was flying a little southeast of Birmingham here in the UK on Sunday morning. It was relatively calm...just a slight breeze. Nothing I'd not flown in before. The sun had poked from behind the clouds and, being almost in the middle of nowhere, wanted to take in the views...from on high.

So up it went. Granted, I did get some altitude, but it suddenly caught some northerly wind and off it went. There wasn't a hope in regaining control. I dropped the throttle, and just watched it fly away. The wind was enough to probably provide it enough lift that even no power could have still carried it as it was really booking.

We visited a couple of properties with some land as an FYI should they find it, but I don't have much hope.

I had moved to the sport cross, did the Miru mod, and a few other tweaks. Unfortunately I never did get enough use out of it.

For my next one, I'm going to build it myself. Probably will go octo as now I'm interested in some proper aerial photography. At least I had a proper transmitter that didn't fly away.

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