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Shooting Down Drones?

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Shooting Down Drones?

Post by appleslizer6 » 19 Oct 2015, 02:01

Just out of curiosity with drone rules changing and such, does this: http://petapixel.com/2015/10/15/this-ri ... dio-waves/ have the potential to shoot down an AR Drone running off a wifi signal? Im not sure if you can tell due to the very limited information on how the radio rifle works, but I was curious since I live within 5 miles of an airport. Now the airport is not a large commercial or international airport, but it's listed as a do not fly area. And with an ar drone you can only go so high and far due to the limited range, but I dont want to necessarily have my drone shot down either.
- Alex

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Re: Shooting Down Drones?

Post by AR.Tommy » 19 Oct 2015, 14:45


very interesting, thank you for sharing. This gun is like a 2,4Ghz jammer that you can point in certain directions. It will "flood" all the frequencies so that the AR.Drone / other copter is unable to receive control commands. It will hover in place until the battery is low, then automatically land.

Sweet and delicious apps for your drones.

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