Ar drone 1 vs 2

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Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by borgqueenx » 17 Jun 2012, 16:04

Probaly been discussed more but im curious at the differences.
I really like the camera improvement, but too bad the bottom camera actually got worse.

How's the stablity and control improvement or degraded? And range? And not responding issueses fixed?
about range ive hear some bad things like antenna being less long...but for more it noticable?

The bottom camera also sees the texture, so it sees how to stabilise itself. Is this less working on the new drone since ive heard the bottom camera is more crap?

Anything else i should know?

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Re: Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by Tizzy » 18 Jun 2012, 08:18

I've also heard the new Drone v2 is just as prone to spontaneous flipping and loss of control as the v1 and to add insult to injury, there have also been plenty of reports that it spontaneously drops out of the air in midflight. I was hoping those types of issues would be solved with v2 but apparently it got worse?

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Re: Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by CH33ZEBURG3R » 19 Jun 2012, 09:57

Although i don't own a 2.0, i ended up buying a second 1.0 as they were selling them off cheap, and i thought it was the better option for me for the time being as i'm quite happy with the original Drone.

But yes there seems to be just as many problems with the New one, i know people only come one here when they have problems, and i'm sure the vast majority of 1.0 and 2.0 Drone owners are very happy.

Its a complex little thing that Parrot have put together to make flying very easy for all of us and the downside is the more complex something is, the more likely it will have problems, it looks pretty fragile but it is very tough and withstands a lot of crashes.

Yes its expensive to most of us, but when it does work........Oh its FUN :D

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Re: Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by drew80 » 19 Jun 2012, 19:26

i got the original drone still and must admit it is awesome. i use an android phone to fly with ff 1.9 and i have no problems when i fly. i don't experience and kind of signal loss or anything like that. i've heard of horror stores about both the drones so i think for now i will just be sticking with my original drone since i have no problems and see no reason to go spend close to another 400 on another drone.

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Re: Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by denodan » 21 Jun 2012, 07:46

The new Drone is heaps better, easier to fly, much more stable, easier to fly, and can use much more safely at much higher altitudes. Got to 5-6 meters on the old Drone and you feel it wants to take off.

I love my Drone 2 over version 1, heaps better, looks is much better, flies much better, camera much better.

Also, how can the bottom camera be worse, it's exactly the same camera as the 1st Drone.

I found since the Drone 2, is a lot more stable, you can fly it in higher winds. The drone 1 also had it's issues with holding stable heights, my drone 1 would also drop, and find it less of a problem with Drone 2.

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Re: Ar drone 1 vs 2

Post by Parapapa » 22 Jun 2012, 11:43

I`d better use Drone 1- I got used to it, but nevertheless I`ll be waiting for Drone v3 like a Drone 1 with fixed bugs and an improved camera

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Re: Ar AR.Drone 1 vs 2

Post by Vstolferre » 13 Dec 2014, 15:36

thanks for the list guys. it'll really help me.

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