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Flying with a purpose

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Flying with a purpose

Post by Airchaeologist » 01 Sep 2018, 17:27

Could you put your amazing technology and great flying skills to a worthwhile cause?

I'm an amateur archaeologist and looking for volunteer drone pilots to help with a new project. I have started filming archaeological sites from the air and am publishing them online at https://www.airchaeology.org/

The goal is to collate aerial footage of historically important sites from around the world. I've made a start with UK Hill Forts. There are more than 4,000 Hill Forts in the UK and I've only got 6 in the bag so far, so I desperately need help!

If you live outside the UK, then please send your footage of archaeological sites where you live. There are fantastic sites across France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc - every country in Europe and around the world have their own unique sites. There are thousands to film, the Gallic fort of Alesia in France which was besieged by Julius Caeser or the fortified citadel at Heuneburg in Germany for example.

Filming historic sites from the air is great fun and takes you to places you may never have thought to visit. If you send aerial video from your country we will create an archive to publish it. We can edit your footage if required.

Please be aware that this project is completely voluntary and receives no income or funding.

Please take a look here: https://www.airchaeology.org/ and if you think you could contribute your flying or archaeological skills to the project, then please use the contact form to get in touch.

Thank you, David

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