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Small drones where it is possible to disable auto-switch off when colliding or upside down

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 08:22
by bramellens
Hi guys and girls,

My name is Bram Ellens, I am an artist working on my series Robots in captivity (check out for some details). For a museum in Amsterdam and a show in LA I am working on realising this little gem, the parrot in captivity:

The idea is simple, a drone captured in a birdcage. The drone tries to escape.

To realise this we need to solve a battery issue (done, with the help of a great Lithuanian guy that can connect drones to wired power), it needs to be programmable (many small drones are nowadays) and the issue that most drones switch off when colliding (e.g. Tello drone).

The million dollar question for you guys:
- Do you know of any drones (micro, small and medium sized) where this auto switch off feature can be overwritten or simply switched off? I am now working with a Tello and a Parrot so if this can be done with these drones even better.

Thanks a million for your help,