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High-Gain dual-band WiFi patch antenna for drones

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High-Gain dual-band WiFi patch antenna for drones

Post by alftel » 22 Feb 2020, 21:13


We've been recently asked to design a high-gain dual-band WiFi directional patch antenna for one of our customers, and it came to my attention through one of my contacts that drone community is actively looking for such antennas and intent is to mount it inside a Pelican style case for field application(s). I was wondering if community can "compile" a wish list and use cases for such an assembly or similar one:

1) What kind of antenna gain is desirable?
2) My understanding is that antenna should be mounted in a lid of the case such as user can open the lid and fix it at appropriate angle - is it correct?
3) What else user will be interested/desire to mount inside such a case assembly?
4) Is there a need to equip antenna assembly with a high gain bi-directional amplifier?
5) In case amplifier is involved, is there a need it to be battery driven? For how long? Charging options (AC, DC, Car etc.)
6) Any other creative ideas, assuming that we can design ANY kind of antennas and have an access to unique weather protected case enclosure that are somewhat even better comparing to Pelican brand and do have a provision for internal equipment mounting.


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