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Buying images UK and France

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Buying images UK and France

Post by rob585 » 13 May 2021, 11:29


I hope that this is an ok place to post this, if not - please let me know where I should be posting this.

I am looking to obtain images of crops in the UK and France and I was wondering if anybody would be interested in selling those to me and/or where I can buy them.

For full transparency, I am not really interested a good picture, or anything artistic, what I am interested is the geolocation data. We are running a project and need to understand the location of specific crops - i.e If I have 100 locations for wheat and 100 locations for potatoes around the country, that helps with the project, the more data points we have. We can obtain this geolocation data from the images/data - i.e if ther is a picture of wheat or sugarbeet, we can extra the location for that from the data.

As there are so many people flying drones, I thought some may have some images/data that they would be interested in selling to us. If there is a better place/location to post this/ask this please let me know.

I am happy to provide details on what we need, how its going to be used, etc. We are interested in both old data (a few years old) and/or recent data (this year) - this year. The most important information is the location and the crop type.

Thank you in advance and apologies if this is not the correct location.



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