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Andre Playing with Drones for 1 month. I really enjoy FPV.

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Andre Playing with Drones for 1 month. I really enjoy FPV.

Post by megazonbomb » 29 Jan 2016, 08:03

Hi my name is Andre, I started droning on Christmas, and I started with 2 rc's one a propel mini helo(not interested), then my son opened a box to a Surge Interceptor quad(Loved) even tho we started out with a blown motor I was determined to fix it. I've got a Syma x5sw(love it but broke the controller trying to increase range). than got a Koome K300c( lost him to the wind last week), I also purchased a Parrot Mini Airborne Night (love it, but would like to use a transmitter), I felt a confortable than got an X8c, took it to work to show the guys, flew the night before once before, flew x5 with the transmitter, slipped and fell and broke transmitter, so no x5 or x8 while I wait 2 months for the transmitter. And NOW, 2 days ago I just got an AR drone 1.0, not sure about versions all I know is that battery dies almost immediately, and I got it fly for a moment and it landed in a bucket of water. FML. so now i'm getting my fix with the mini airborne and a dromidas optimnus. phew...

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