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South West Coastal Path - Plea For Help

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South West Coastal Path - Plea For Help

Post by blackdeathcrew » 18 Apr 2017, 13:03

Firstly, admin - apologies if this isn't right for me to ask, I'm very new to forums.

To support a mate who is going to be undertaking a monstrous charity fundraising task in 2018 (he will be ometing in a continuous DECA Ironman, which is 24 miles of swimming, followed by 1120 miles of cyling, topped off with a 262 mile run!!!) In late June this year (Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th June 2017) me and a handful of friends are undertaking a 164 mile footrace on the Jurrasic Coast (charmouth to Studland, then turn around and run back again) over a maximum of 60 hours.
My reason for posting here, is we're trying to find someone with a drone to film a bit of footage at a few points whilst we're out there. (The challenge is raising a little stir of interest within the Running media community, and we need something to present to them after the race)
Unfortunately we cant pay, other than gratitude in tea and biscuits, and a obvious credit for the footage.

Thanks for reading ,and if you can help in any way we'd be really grateful to speak to you

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