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by notbugme
21 Feb 2015, 22:03
Forum: AR.Pro
Topic: AR.Pro 2.1 -<>- Full V1 & V2 Drone Support
Replies: 741
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Re: AR.Pro 2.1 -<>- Full V1 & V2 AR.Drone Support

Did AR.Pro 2.1 support an RC trasnsmitter connected to the phone via USB? It's that possible?

I was unable also to find how to run the application with a ps3 joypad, there is a guide somewhere?

by notbugme
27 Mar 2012, 11:28
Forum: AR Drone 1.0
Topic: Tablet Control
Replies: 6
Views: 2434

Re: Tablet Control

I've tried both and prefer the Android. The apple stuff has more polish and shine and the iOS stuff can be pretty cool, but it's expensive to upgrade. Android tablets , on the other hand, can be purchased dirt-cheap if you know where to look and have almost identical functionality. The best android ...