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by Dylan
18 Mar 2019, 00:46
Forum: AR Drone 2.0
Topic: Is my main board broken?
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Is my main board broken?

I crashed my AR Drone 2.0 and one of the legs broke. So I changed the central cross and now OTHER leg is not turning on. When I connect the battery and the propellers start to move (just to check they are OK), one of them don't move, but it's not the one that is broken. And I put again the old centr...
by Dylan
19 Feb 2019, 01:05
Forum: AR Drone 2.0
Topic: Unpredictable movements
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Unpredictable movements

Hello everyone, I'm trying to control my AR Drone 2.0 using ROS and my problem is that, in real life, it makes some unpredictable movements that I can't control. For example, it has a height stabilizer that makes the takeoff be really easy, but it also makes the drone to make some movements when I p...