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by jtdialerman
18 Aug 2016, 21:49
Forum: Shopping - XR-4Drone.com
Topic: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more
Replies: 874
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Re: ***NEW***MiruMod Wifi-Less Mod Kit and more

Hi Dante1 I think you are the one I purchased my Mirumod XR4 on ebay from. I sent you a ebay message but found this forum and thought I would post in a couple of places. I only bought the RX Mod from you for $80 because I had a friend who has a couple of TX's We tried his Spektrum DX8 and followed t...
by jtdialerman
18 Aug 2016, 21:11
Forum: Mods - AR Drone 2.0
Topic: Mirumod transmitter?
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Re: Mirumod transmitter?

I'm a newbie and have a question about getting the Stock out of the box DEVO 7E Transmitter w/DeVention firmware loaded to work with the Mirumod RX that I think uses XR-4Drone firmware. The XR-4 Manual speaks of all the transmitters that should work, but it doesn't show the DEVO 7E, and yet there is...