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by betonos
10 Jul 2015, 09:05
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi from Poland
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Hi from Poland

Hi All, I'm new to drone flying and AR Drone 2.0 is my first drone. Previously, I've been flying with 3 different helicopters, biggest of them being Lama ESky v4. Other two were small indoor models, one of them being microcopter from Nikko. I enjoy flying outdoors most, but Lama ESky is too light an...
by betonos
08 Jul 2015, 15:00
Forum: AR Drone 2.0
Topic: Strange dive-down
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Strange dive-down

Hi, Having had about 20-30 flights so far, I've already twice observed the following behavior: - drone launches off ground - i start flying rather slowly forward, gaining height - after couple of seconds, drone stared nosedive (all motors on, just leaned forwards and headed toward ground). I had no ...