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AR Drone Emergency Cutoff after Battery mod

Problems of AR Drone 1.0, Freeflight 1.
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AR Drone Emergency Cutoff after Battery mod

Post by srm5436 » 31 Jul 2016, 18:23

I was recently given an AR Drone 1.0 without knowing much about it or what condition it was in. I wasn't given the battery or charger so I changed the ESC plug to a Traxxas high current connector to use with a Traxxas 3-cell 1400maH battery.

The drone powers on fine with the Traxxas battery, but I did have some trouble getting it to connect to my device. After resetting several times and messing with the WiFi, I believe I got the correct firmware updated and finally got it to connect to the FreeFlight app. But now I hit Take Off and the motors spin for a moment and then I get an 'Emergency Cutoff' notice. I can't get it to do any more than that.

Without knowing much else about its condition I can only suspect this may be due to the battery change? From what I can tell the AR 1.0 stock battery is a 3-cell and I've seen after-market batteries up to 2500maH so I can't see how over-voltage would be the problem. The drone appears to be OK structurally--gears all in good shape and the motors spin without issue. Has anyone else attempted or had success with using a different battery? Or know any other reasons I could be getting this error?

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