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What to do out of my Ar Drone V1

Problems of AR Drone 1.0, Freeflight 1.
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What to do out of my Ar Drone V1

Post by nazmo » 26 Jan 2016, 00:06

I bought a nice ardrone 1st gen back in 2013 for 150€, I played with it for a minute or so and I lost connection and the drone started to climb to the clouds, "happily" :? the emergency button worked and the drone fell and sadly I wasn't fast enough to catch it before it hit the ground (I have a pic that the drone took at 20or so meters, I'll try to find it :P ).
-broken cross
-"motor problem" on the app
and after a bit of me tinkering, it never worked back and at the moment, the cpu heats a lot, the led are red and it doesn't work anymore, I also no longer have an Androïd/Iphone so I don't think the Ardrone itself is good for me anymore, I want to make aerial shots, scans and a bit of FPV. I also saw the potential of some products that are able to make 3d scans of the ground out of a lot of geotagged pictures, I dream of such possibility but for the moment, the ability to make maps and aerial shots will be more than enough for me :) .
That implies the use of a tracking device, and I think more advanced/optimized electronics that the one from the Ardrone (I don't say they are bad, in fact the little soc they used was really nice (running linux and all but it won't fit my needs for sure), I'm starting to make progress in electronics and I'm also building a 3D printer which will come useful to make custom parts for the frame and all 8-) .

I'm also going to have on my hands a lot of parts that I could sell to buy the components of my new drone like:
-the hulls + 640x480 camera on one of them
-the sonar board
-the balanced charger
-the box :lol:
-the batteries (I think I'll use Lithium Ion 18650 cells on my build)
-the balanced charger + transformer
-the motors (maybe one of them is dead)

So I'll also need to test all those parts like the motors and the batteries, for the latters, it will be relatively simple, I'm going to set a bench and see how they are, but for the motors, I have no idea.

Also, do you know if I can do anything out of the motherboard (maybe the back camera can be useful or sold ???) ?

Lastly, if you have any ideas, thoughts, advice, please respond, I'd be happy to read you ;)

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