MJX X600 Review

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MJX X600 Review

Post by Hector » 08 Jun 2015, 04:34

MJX X600 is a newly released hexaquadcopter and very functional

One Key Roll (at any channel)
To easily enjoy the fun of rolling, player can press the one key roll buttonto perform roll
action.Before rolling, make sure that the Hexacopter is Flying 3 meters above the ground.
Manual Roll (at high speed channel)
When the remote control is at the high speed channel, roll action can be done through
controlling the forward/backward control stick and the lefward/rightward flight control stick.
One Key Return
When the model is flying in headless mode, press one key return button, the model will fly
towards player. Press the one key return button again or operate the forward/backward
control stick, the model will exit the one key retrun function.

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/v/kR_Deh-7bKs

Ebnar Josh
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Re: MJX X600 Review

Post by Ebnar Josh » 10 Aug 2015, 09:18

The hex itself looks extraordinarily well made. This could have been a payload lifter on the off chance that it wasn't so substantial as i have found in your video. on the off chance that sold, unequivocally made has its expense. Look like heavier without the battery pack.!

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Re: MJX X600 Review

Post by RenanSkiya » 06 Jul 2016, 09:51

;) Reviews so good, hope has more Drones reviews. thanks.

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