Cable Tie landing gear mod

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Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by keenmetal » 09 Jan 2013, 15:02

During my last few days of browsing the forum I discovered the zip tie landing gear mod, which can dampen the shock from hard landings and could save you from a broken cross.

Two days later (today) I flew the drone into a tree, dropping it four meters onto solid pavement. Luckily, it fell right way up – three of the cable ties snapped, absorbing most of the shock and probably saving the cross. No damage done! I now keep a few spares in the box for quick field replacements :)

I didn't find any recent posts dedicated to this great mod, so here's a reminder for all new members & lurkers on this forum.
Yes, this is a very simple mod, but I'm sure we have a lot of readers here that would love a step by step instruction, so here goes my first one:

This landing gear mod:
  • -is cheap (<2 US$ worth of 4 cable ties + tape)
  • -is lightweight (6g for all four + tape)
  • -doesn't interfere with downwash
  • -quick to replace (4 mins to cut & attach all four)
  • -doesn't require any gluing or permanent modifications to the drone
  • -doesn't look too bad
  • -still allows the drone to fit into the normal box
  • -must have saved countless drones from a broken cross!
Instructions for a cable tie landing gear mod
1. Cut 4 large cable ties to 21cm length. Cut the end into a pointy arrow (makes it easier to push the cable tie into the body at step 3)

2. Insert the end without the ratchet into the gear from the outside, then loop the end downwards through the ratchet
3. Adjust the ratchet so the cable is directed downwards and pull it tight enough to stop it from sliding & rotating (if pulled extremely tight, it's likely to slip of center, where the frame is narrower)
3. Slip the end along the frame into the body.
4. Fixate it on the frame with a small piece of black electrical tape


5. Adjust so the drone is level.


Note: Properly centered loops help absorb the shock better and these can slip from time to time, so make sure they're in position before every flight.

Thanks to Candu1 at RCGroups who had the original idea of the "Cross bar saver"! See the original post on this forum for details + a technical analysis.
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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by blackhawkrob » 09 Jan 2013, 15:25

Awesome! Gonna try that tonight :)

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by MaxFlyer » 09 Jan 2013, 15:38

keenmetal wrote:A big thanks to whoever came up with this idea!
I believe it was "Candu": ... f=8&t=2917" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by DaZa » 09 Jan 2013, 22:38

Yep heard of this being done and this looks awesome and it's more than functional!

Might have to give this one a go, it's a serious no brainer for saving the central cross.

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by moustique » 16 Jan 2013, 20:16

Hello there !

I was amazed by this simple mod and i did it yesterday because not to avoid the gras but snow !
I'll make some pictures tomorow.

Thank you for the knowledge, it works great for me !

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by Maxwell1472 » 16 Jan 2013, 21:13

I can most certainly vouch for this little mod as it has saved god knows how much in repair bills due to heavy landing, wet grass on the baseplate killing the mainboard and of course the central cross.

Sure I've had a few snap on me but that means they've done their job and absorbed most of the stress.

Highly recommended :)

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by Maverick107 » 16 Jan 2013, 22:05

Yes this is a very good Mod gives you some bounce and will save a lot of people from having to buy a new ar-cross I have both of my Ar's done with the cable tie Mod! :D

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Re: Cable Tie landing gear mod

Post by appelm » 16 Jan 2013, 22:09

Saving your central cross is worth so much more than the $30 it costs to replace it. I just replaced one.. It takes a lot of time! Plus, I ripped my navigation cable doing it and had to buy a new nav board too..

I have the cable tie mod.. its brilliant.

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