Freeflight 3 and AR.Drone 2

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Freeflight 3 and AR.Drone 2

Post by EricTN » 11 Apr 2015, 16:58

Is it possible to control ar.drone 2.0 with the freeflight 3 app??

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Re: Freeflight 3 and AR.Drone 2

Post by PsYcKoZ » 06 Jul 2017, 12:18

Old post, but this might still be usefull : the answer is No

Freeflight 3 (and newer versions) is only compatible with Bebop 1, 2 and Disco drones.
Only AR.Freeflight app is officially supporting AR.Drone (1, 2, elite, power and other variants)

I've tried adapting Freeflight3 to the AR.Drone, but the whole SDK is different (they've build a new, distinct, SDK from scratch for these new drones, adding lots of functions, and rewriting navigation commands, mainly due to the lack of GPS in AR.Drones)

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