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Flight Pro - Oculus Rift VR Demo

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Flight Pro - Oculus Rift VR Demo

Post by shawnf » 22 Jun 2013, 11:27

Just uploaded the demo video:
http://youtu.be/J9zw8fx-pMM" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Now before everyone asks - no I'm not putting it into a released build, as I just wanted to try out a VR headset and as no one had got the Rift working on Android, I wanted to see if I could do the rendering and USB head tracking all from my App... so it's because I can, not because it makes sense :)

So head tracking just controls yaw, but I do have full pitch, roll and yaw inputs.

Pro switches to Oculus mode when you plug in the USB connector.

Of course it's damn difficult to see what is happening in the real world, and even finding the gamepad is tricky ;) So you need a little camera on the headset to see what you are doing - perhaps the retail versions will have this...

The HDMI out was playing up on my Transformer Prime, which is what I really wanted to use, so the video was from a Motorola Xoom - Tegra 2 being state of the arc not art these days.
I can get about 24 fps on the Tegra 3.
The N10 still hasn't got an OpenGL ES2 fix - hopefully 4.3 will address their performance bug, as they have a fixed driver, just haven't released it yet... plus having to render at 2560x1600 doesn't help performance.
So what this really needs is a NVidia Shield with Tegra 4 - but I'm in the UK, so no chance of that ;)

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