BBQ2 camera upgrade to 4K

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BBQ2 camera upgrade to 4K

Post by l.hoornweg » 11 Oct 2016, 08:42

my GF is a semi professional fotograffer and has plans to shoot weddings in the near future.
since I have the BBP2 everyone in my surrounding tells me that it would be a great idea to shoot oversight pics with the drone.
But when I look at de picture quality, I wouldn't even think about giving these to a paying client.

so, how about upgrading the camera to a better one, with a higher resolution, a better diafragma wich can producte higher detailed pics.

has anyone any idea if it is even possible ore should I just forget the idea of upgrading?

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Re: BBQ2 camera upgrade to 4K

Post by madboyokc » 31 Dec 2016, 06:15

Sorry man, unless you can engineer a 4K capable camera the exact dimensions as the one in the bb2, it's virtually impossible. Better to upgrade to a DGI Phantom 3/4, they are more specifically designed for upper-level footage & camera quality.

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