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by polari_jet
24 Mar 2011, 03:37
Forum: Other Drones and Copters
Topic: X-UFO A cheap but very cool AR Drone rip off!
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Re: X-UFO A cheap but very cool AR Drone rip off!

here's the high-def video of X-UFO 64QUdFMyvHU where we can clearly see that the frame, gear and blade design was ripped-off completely. however this toy appears to have brush motors and ni-mh battery that is not so cool, even for the year 2005. and the gyro looks like an electro - mechanical one too.
by polari_jet
14 Feb 2011, 14:56
Forum: AR Drone 1.0
Topic: Broken NavBoard?
Replies: 24
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Re: Broken NavBoard?

hi everybody! any news on sniffing motor protocol? I've used the following command cat /dev/ttyPA2 > /dev/ttyPA1 hoping to use continuously streaming navdata to get any response from motors but all I got was a lightshow with diodes. will try to use interceptty